Confused by two Identical Looking Electric Scooters?

e-scooter same specification different price
  • You're looking to buy an electric scooter
  • You know what you want to use it for
  • You've been on the internet have have some idea as to what type you need
  • You even have some knowledge as to what the Ah means on batteries and the W on the motors

  • However one thing is confusing you, you've seen 2 scooters that seem to look identical, they have exactly the same specification but one scooter is over £200 more than the other. So what exactly is the difference? 

The answer is NOTHING. Well almost nothing, the scooters may have a different name, they may be "branded" differently and they may have a different name on the stem and on the footplate. However the motor, battery, wheels and chassis are exactly the same. They are almost certainly been made in the same factory.

We've seen the exact same scooter being branded/marketed differently with all sorts of marketing terms such as "British Designed," "Proudly British,"UK market leader," etc. It's easy to get confused but ask yourself what exactly are you getting for the extra £200?

We try to offer competitive prices and also the best service. All our scooters are checked before they are dispatched. This includes:

  • Checking they switch on, no one want a DoA (dead on arrival)
  • Depending on scooter changing display to mph
  • Checking the accessories are correct 
  • Checking the charger is UK and not EU/USA
  • Inflating the tyres to correct pressure

How many companies do these checks? Not many, most ship in and ship out and some don't even do this and just ship out from another companies stock or warehouse.

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