Confused by electric scooter tyre options

Confused about the different tyre types and sizes available for electric scooters? Want to know the difference between pneumatic tyres, solid tyres and what on earth are tires?  

There are generally two tyre tyres, air filled (pneumatic) and solid, you then have various sizes of each. We will always recommend pneumatic tyres. They provide better comfort, important if your scooter doesn’t have suspension and they also provide better grip. On the flip side solid tyres aren’t going to get flats so they require less maintenance.

If you’re running pneumatic tyres you can reduce the chance of getting a puncture by installing sealant. Check out the video on how to install sealant on our website, (under Advice/Maintenance).

Pneumatic tyres can also have an inner-tube or they can be tubeless. Tyres on a tubeless setup do tend to be difficult to remove/replace as they require a tight fit between the tyre and the wheel.

In order to provide some level of comfort solid tyres are also available as “honeycomb” tyres. As the name suggests these tyres while solid also have air-filled pockets to provide a level of cushion. 

electric scooter tyre

Inner-tubes not only need to match the size of wheel and tyres but it’s also important to check the angle of the inner tube as there are three directions available. Install the wrong one and you may find that the value doesn’t “point” in the right direction once installed in the wheel. 

Generally speaking the larger the wheel size the more comfortable the ride will be. This is more important on scooters without suspension. Many scooters at the budget end of the market run 8.5” wheels but 10” are now becoming the norm.

Oh and “tires,” well that’s just the US spelling of “tyres.”

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