Confused about IP ratings

With half the country underwater at the moment it’s worth re-addressing two of the questions we’re asked the most frequently: “Can I use my scooter in the rain?” And “what does the IP rating mean?”

We have a detailed explanation on our website covering IP ratings:

In summary the higher the number the more water resistant the scooter is. With IPx4 and IP54 being splash proof (light rain) to IP65 to being resistance to constant rain.

Electricity and water don’t mix, hence no electricity sockets in your bathroom! So checking the rating of your scooter before heading out into the rain can save some expensive repairs.

All our scooters have an IP rating that allows scooters to be used in light rain conditions or higher. The Turboant X7 Pro also has its removable battery on the stem so out of the way of any puddle splashes.

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