Bosch Purion 200 display and control unit bosch Smartsystem

The Bosch Purion 200 display and control unit gives riders who currently use the Bosch LED remote a display. 

Simply remove the Bosch LED remote and add the Bosch Purion 200 display. Please note that you will need to visit your local Bosch service centre for a software update once you'e added the Purion 200 contol unit.

Bosch Purion 200 display and control unit.

The Bosch Purion 200 control and display Start screen will display:


  • State of charge of eBike battery
  • Assistance level
  • Unit of speed indicator
  • Your performance
  • Speed
  • Drive power

  • Additional information available:


  •  Status screen: The status of the connected devices is shown here.
  •  Distances screen
  •  Rides screen
  • Range screen
  • eBike battery screen
  • Power screen
  • Cadence screen
  •  Total distances screen
  •  ABS screen (optional)

  •  Learn more about the Bosch Purion 200 Display and Controller here

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