Bosch PowerMore Range Extender 250 | Is my eBike compatible?

The Bosch PowerMore 250 range extender is the drinks-bottle-sized battery for even more range and longer-lasting trail fun. 

The Bosch Powermore range extender is only for Bosch eBikes from the Bosch Smartsystem stable. And even then it is not suitable for all Smartsystem eBikes.

Bosch PowerMore range extender

So how do you know if your bike's is compatible? The easiest, way is to contact the eBike manufacture and ask them, and while you're at it ask them to confirm what connecting cable is required, but more on the cable later.

You can also check if your eBike is compatible by looking in the Bosch Diagnostic Report from your local Bosch service centre. On the report you will find an entry that will confirm, or deny that the Powermore range extender is compatible (or not).

Is that all I need to check? Once you have established that your eBike is suitable for the PowerMore then you should be good to go, however you should also confirm that your eBike has the correct charging port that accepts the PowerMore range extender. The correct charging port has been fitted on all Bosch powered eBikes since 2023 and it should look similar to the image below.

Bosch eBike charging port

Okay I’ve done all my homework and confirmed my eBike is Bosch PowerMore compatible, can I now order?

Yes - BUT you will also need to purchase a connecting cable to connect the Bosch PowerMore range extender battery to your eBike's charging port. There are various cable lengths available and there are two routing options. Basically this means the direction the cable exits the charging port plug. The options are “towards” the Powermore and “away” from the seat. So for example if your charging port is located on your eBike's seat post, AND the Bosch PowerMore range extender is located on the downtube then you would need the “away’ cable. You can then calculate the length required by measuring the distance from where the battery will be mounted to the charging port. When measuring it’s best to use a piece of string to follow the routing from the PowerMore range extender to the charging port.

Bosch PowerMore Range Extender connecting cable

Bosch Powermore range extender specifications

1.6kg | 6.7Ah | 250Wh


  • 1x Bosch PowerMore Range Extender
  • 1x PowerMore battery mount
  • 1x bottle holder
  • 2x M5x12 mounting screws

Learn more about the Bosch PowerMore Range Extender here

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