Bosch Kiox 500 display Bosch Smartsystem

New for the Bosch Smartsystem is the Kiox 500, a direct replacement for the Kiox 300 display. Offering a 40% larger screen as well as additional functions the Kiox 500 is a worthy upgrade for your eBike.


  • Large, high-resolution eBike display

  • 40% larger than the Kiox 300

  • Display can be customised via Flow App

  • Navigation via smartphone

  • Acoustic feedback

  • Can be combined with Bosch Purion 200

If you already have the Bosch Kiox 300 then the Kiox 500 is a direct replacement. 

If you already have the Bosch LED remote or Purion 200 then you will also need the retrofit kit.

Learn more about the Bosch Kiox 500 here

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