Bosch Kiox 500 display Bosch Smartsystem

New for the Bosch Smartsystem is the Bosch Kiox 500, a direct replacement for the Kiox 300 display. Offering a 40% larger screen as well as additional functions the Kiox 500 is a worthy upgrade for your eBike.


  • Large, high-resolution eBike display

  • 40% larger than the Kiox 300

  • Display can be customised via Flow App

  • Navigation via smartphone

  • Acoustic feedback

  • Can be combined with Bosch Purion 200

If you already have the Bosch Kiox 300 then the Kiox 500 is a direct replacement. 

If you already have the Bosch LED remote or Purion 200 then you will also need the retrofit kit.

Learn more about the Bosch Kiox 500 here

Now in stock, order Bosch Kio 500 here or Bosch Kiox Retrofit kit here

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