Bank Holiday Promotions

Bank Holiday Promotions 💰 & News 🗞

To celebrate the final bank holiday of the summer we've put together a few discounts on most of the scooter range. The promo codes are live NOW until the end of the bank holiday on Monday.

Over the coming months we're also looking to expand more into the e-bike market. We'll be looking at a range of e-bikes targeted at the "commuter" type user, so keep an eye on the website, newsletters and our Instagram page for further details and launch promotions. 

Scooter Maintenance & Tips

If you've had your scooter for a while then why not use the bank holiday to perform some basic maintenance?

    • 🔋 Battery: Don't charge immediately after use, let it cool down first. Don't let battery run flat, charge little and often.
    • 🧽 Keep it clean: Use damp micro-fibre cloth or old towel. Don't use hose/pressure washer.
    • 🔩 Check bolts are tight
    • 𐃏 Tyres: Check tyre pressure, they may look ok but if not checked regularly then it's likely the pressure is below the recommended figure. Also check tyre for any foreign objects. These can eventually work their way through the tyre causing a puncture.
    • 🛑 Brakes: Check your scooter's manual for advice on how to adjust your brakes - or get in touch with us

Joyor Electric Scooters
Take £50 off any of the ever popular Joyor electric scooters with promo code "Joyor-£50" 

All Joyor scooters are in stock and ready for next day delivery. 


INOKIM scooters & e-bikes
If you've had your eye on the INOKIM range and want to treat yourself then take 10% off with promo code "INOKIM-10%" 
We have INOKIM available from stock and we're also able to offer a personalised delivery and assembly service with the INOKIM range. 

Cruzaa Scooter
The Cruzza lifestyle brand is new to Horizon Micromobility. 
The Cruzza Scooter is now available from stock and with the following promo code you can take £50 off our already low prices. Promo code "Cruzaa-£50"
The M4 Pro with its front and rear suspension and 500W motor is a great value scooter. It's now even better value at £495 with £20 off with promo code 'M4Pro-£20"

Decent One Max
Take £50 off the Decent One Max, that takes the price to under £400! 
The Decent One Max is a great commuter style scooter with a removable battery that can be charged in or out of the scooter. In stock and ready for next day delivery.
decent on max electric scooter


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