Skiron electric road bike assembly

skiron electric road bike

These assembly instructions are for customers who are looking to assemble the Skiron electric bike themselves. We're also able to offer a personalised delivery and assembly service, simply add this option to your order.

Before you assemble the Skiron electric bike you will need a few tools 🛠
Cup of tea or coffee ☕️
Cable cutters (for cutting cable ties)
Scissors for cutting masking tape
Allen or hex key set
The Skiron is partially assembled leaving you only needing to install:
1. Front wheel
2. Handlebar
3. Seat post
4. Pedals
IMPORTANT Carefully lift the Skiron electric bike and contents from the box,  taking care as the left pedal crank arm is installed through the front wheel spokes.

Using a pair of cable cutters and or scissors remove all the packaging. Don't use a knife as it's easy to slip and scratch the frame.
Carefully remove the front wheel noting that the crank arm is positioned inside the wheel spokes.

Before fitting the front wheel make sure the forks are the correct way around. Loosen the bolts securing the stem, and rotate is so that the stem points forward and the forks are the correct way around, with the brake calliper on the left.
Fit the wheel skewer located (in the accessory box). The skewer lever goes to the left of the wheel, make sure the two small springs are located either side of the wheel, with the smaller side of the spring towards the wheel.

Fit the front wheel in the forks by carefully making sure the brake rotor is located in the callipers and on the left side of the forks.
Fit the handlebars, noting that the display unit it mounted on the left bar.

Fit and tighten the pedals, noting that the left pedal is left threaded (reverse thread) so counter clockwise to tighten. 
    Add seat post and tighten.  
      Check and adjust position of any accessories & display unit.
        Finally check the tyre pressure.

        CONGRATULATIONS your new electric bike is ready to go.
        Once assembled the rider can fine tune the fit by adjusting the seat height as well as seat fore and aft positioning.