Xiaomi M365 Pro 2

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The latest scooter from Xiaomi has taken the popular M365 Pro and upgraded some key features. Now with a 300W motor, 12.8Ah battery and a range of up to 45 km (test conditions).
  • Sleek and elegant design. Takes only 3 seconds to fold and go.
  • Kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), charges battery under braking
  • Cruise Control system helps maintain a steady speed set by the rider
  • Dual braking system, rear disc brake and E-ABS system at front wheel
  • 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres absorb shocks and prevent slipping, while offering a smooth ride
  • Connects to Mi Home App. Monitor riding speed and remaining power

Full Feature List:

300W motor power
12.8Ah, 474Wh battery
3 speed modes, max speed 25 km/h
Mobile App
8.5" wheels with pneumatic tyres
Quick folding design for easy transportation
IPX4 waterproof rating, click for further details
Dual braking system with rear disc brake and E-ABS front brake with KERS
On board computer for speed, battery monitor and cruise control
100Kg rider weight limit
14.2 weight
● Dimensions : 1130x430x1180mm
● Dimensions Folded: 1130x430x490mm
● UK based warranty. No need to ship back to manufacturer
UK Stock with UK charger
Range of up to 45 km
Free Shipping from UK
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The Xiaomi Pro 2 is built on its predecessor: the M365 Pro, one of the top-selling e-scooters of all time. The most powerful Xiaomi e-scooter around, it boasts a proven 300W rated motor, a claimed range of up to 45km, air-filled tyres and a compact, foldable 14.2kg construction.

Improved Lights

With improved LED lights and front, side and rear reflectors, the Xiaomi Pro 2 meets the latest European safety standards. This makes your daily ride safer, enabling you to see further in the dark, and be seen by others.

Energy recovery system

Like all Xiaomi e-scooters, the Pro 2 comes with an energy recovery system built into the front wheel motor. Apply the brakes, and the electronic brake converts some of the energy back into battery power prolonging your remaining range.

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