Oxford Products LinkLock Folding Lock

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E-scooter security: protect your scooter with a lock

Here are some facts: 1) e-scooters are cool, 2) people like cool stuff, 3) some people haven't learnt the 8th commandment "You Shall Not Steal."

There is a solution... and we're not talking about mass religious education for all.

You don't want to leave your e-scooter unattended for long periods. When you pop into the shops you're going to need something a bit more substantial than those flimsy combination locks.

The Oxford LinkLock is the missing link to solving your e-scooter security needs. With its compact multi-link folding design the problem of carrying locks in your bag are over. The LinkLock is 840mm long, meaning there is plenty of length to attach e-scooters to an immovable object through the rear wheel, yet easily folds down into a compact 190x60mm bracket. The carry bracket can be mounted or secured to the electric scooter tubing with the rubberised straps included.

  • Convenient folding design
  • Uses six 5mm x 200mm hardened steel plates
  • Size once opened in a rectangle shape, 26cm*14cm
  • Unique carry bracket bolts or straps to the frame
  • Two keys included
  • Replacement key service
  • Patented 'Ultra B' antipick lock cylinder

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